Cooling Solutions for the Mining Segment

Preferred supplier of customized cooling solutions to mining applications

Nissens is the preferred supplier of advanced cooling solutions to the mining industry. The main challenges for the mining machinery are the risk of corrosion attacks and reliable operation in a tough and dirty environment.

Nissens brings years of experience with corrosion control from the demanding offshore wind turbine industry into our designs for mining applications.

Our cooling solutions can resist tough environment with loads, bumps and vibrations. 

Customized cooling products are available for surface and underground mining machinery like drill rigs, wheel loaders and underground haul trucks.

We supply all cooling systems in aluminum with the same life time and cost as traditional copper coolers. Our compact cooling design secures high performance and compliance with applicable emission standards. We use special alloys for corrosion protection, and we have special high-strength fins and hinge designs for open fan doors to facilitate high-pressure cleaning and good cleanliness.


Advanced Cooling Solutions for Different Cooling Needs

Nissens' Product Selection within Mining

Nissens is capable of meeting our needs for high cooling performance, and we value Nissens’ ability to provide high-quality, innovative and customized cooling solutions for the challenging mining environment. Proven performance is what it takes to be a preferred supplier to Sandvik.

Product Line Manager