Video: Nissens Cooling Solutions - Preferred Supplier

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The Preferred Supplier for Offshore Wind Turbine Applications

A proven track record of cooling technology for offshore wind turbines

Nissens has a proven track record in developing and supplying customized cooling solutions to offshore wind turbine applications. In more than 90% of all offshore wind turbines in Europe, a customized cooling solution from Nissens has been installed. The majority of the leading wind turbine manufacturers in the world, focusing on offshore wind applications, has chosen Nissens as their preferred supplier.



Our customers’ challenging requirements for high reliability, low maintenance and corrosion protection are integrated into our designs for offshore cooling solutions, as our aluminum technology, including long-life alloys, has a proven performance in offshore wind farms around the world. All designs are made for a 25-year life time.

Our value proposition is based on a large variety of fully customized cooling components, cooling systems and cooling modules.


Advanced Cooling Solutions for Different Cooling Needs

Nissens' Product Categories within Offshore Wind

Siemens Wind Power is a global leader in the wind industry. Our guarantee of proven performance is critical for maintaining our strong market position. That obliges us to choose the best suppliers. Nissens is our preferred supplier of coolers.

Senior Engineer, Cooling & Filtration